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dennis1Dennis Willcock (lead vocals):

Frontman and chief rabble-rouser Den started his singing career way back in 1963 and his first fully functional band went by the name Bearded Lady. By 1977 Dennis joined the respected London rockers Smiler and it was at this point in time that things really got going. A short stint with supersonic turbo-rockers Nitro followed, before Dennis committed to the nascent Iron Maiden, fronting the band through the mid/late 1970s as they built up a solid following and developed their repertoire. Leaving Iron Maiden to work with Terry Wapram in V1, Dennis was a main player in the London rock scene during the late 1970s and the turn of the 1980s, as his bands V1 and Gibraltar ruled the Ruskin Arms and beyond. A true showman and solid gold entertainer, his every performance is characterized with energy and conviction.

terry1Terry Wapram (guitars):

Founder member of V1, and a gifted and versatile guitarist with the ability to switch effortlessly and with great velocity between understated rhythm playing and blistering lead guitar. Terry can sound like two or three different guitarists within the same song and his guitar pyrotechnics are an important ingredient in the dynamic V1 sound. Scouted by Dennis whilst playing London’s famed Marquee Club in the mid-1970s, as guitarist with the sleazily named Hooker, Terry was an obvious choice as axe-man for Iron Maiden during their formative ‘1 guitar + keyboards’ phase as they experimented away from the twin guitar sound. After ‘Maiden, Terry quickly assembled V1, the only band in the history of rock that can claim they were good enough to lure away a lead singer from Iron Maiden! In recent years Terry has played in a number of bands including Space Chickens with former ‘Maiden drummer Ron Rebel, and more recently with Buffalo Fish alongside V1 bass player Dwight Wharton. A highly respected guitarist, Terry Wapram always delivers.

dwightDwight Wharton (bass guitar):

Hails from Virginia in the USA, bringing an international dimension to the new-look V1. A true musician, Dwight began the long road to mastering his craft at the age of 11. A few years at university were formative to his development and it was not long until he became an in-demand session musician on the US East Coast, before setting sights on the British music scene. More session work followed but it was upon meeting Terry Wapram and forming Buffalo Fish that Dwight believed his own style was truly noted. Finding frequencies lower than a rattlesnake’s belly, Dwight was the obvious choice to provide the bass in the revamped V1 and take the music forward into the 21st century.

gareth1Gareth Dylan Smith (drums and backing vocals):

Cut his hard rocking teeth playing loud and fast with some of the best amongst London’s dark underbelly, touring extensively and recording several critically acclaimed albums along the way. Having often had the sense that he was born 30 years late for the music he was destined to play, when the opportunity presented itself to drum in V1, Gareth jumped at the chance to work with such an explosive and influential band. A distinctive and hard-hitting drummer, Gareth can play like a hurricane and often does, but dig beneath the surface and you’ll find capabilities above and beyond the usual ‘animal from the muppets’ hard-rock drummer cliché: Gareth is a classically trained musician, a versatile team player with song-writing flair, belting backing-vocals……and a PhD in the Sociology of Music and Music Education. He’s even authored an authoritative book about drummers, and as a writer has also contributed to music encyclopedias, and to magazines such as Rolling Stone and Rhythm. The renaissance man of drumming, Gareth’s thunderous beats, freight train tempos, are guaranteed to rock your house down! Gareth’s ambitions with V1 are to “bring to life the awesome demos that were recorded in 1978. I wasn’t there for the original demo recordings, so I want to be true to those ideas while bringing whatever contemporary thing I have to the table as well. Honestly, V1 is the perfect band for me – I love the music, the attitude and the guys. It’s a proper rock band playing proper rock music and making no apologies for it. Rock on.”

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